About Glenda Gerde

Glenda Gerde views herself as a citizen of the world.

Glenda Gerde overlooking Séte, France.

Never one to let boundaries define her, she has never tied herself down to a certain location, feeling most at home when she’s seeing new sights and exploring new places. Glenda is a lifelong learner, and she sees the globe as her best educator, providing experiences and insights that could never be replicated and taught in a classroom. She has always been a hands-on learner, with information best absorbed when she has the chance to get in the thick of things and investigate for herself.

Traveling as much as she does might get lonely for some people, but not for Glenda. She has the privilege of traveling around the world with her best friend, furry companion, and consistently upbeat traveling buddy, Mr. Happy. Together, the pair have visited everywhere from Istanbul, Séte,  and Montpellier to Portland, Oregon and Phoenix, Arizona documenting their trips as they go.

Glenda Gerde loves her travel companion, an opinion that’s shared by many from all corners of the planet. Most everywhere that she travels she encounters at least one person who wants to meet Mr. Happy and make his acquaintance.

“Everywhere that I go, people come up to me and ask to pet him and ask about us traveling together. The one common message I’ve receive about the little guy is that he always seems to be happy: I guess the name really fits!”

As long as there are new sights to see and new places for adventure, Glenda and Mr. Happy will be out there in the middle of everything. Keep up with all of their ongoing adventures by continuing to check back for more!

Glenda Gerde as an Educator

Perhaps one of the reasons she loves to travel so greatly is that Glenda Gerde is a lifelong lover of learning — after all, what better way to expand your mind and broaden your perspectives than by traveling to new places where you can absorb all the new experiences personally? It was this unstoppable drive for learning and education that lead Glenda to the career she was called to: teaching.

Glenda is a passionate, seasoned educator who cares deeply about the young lives she’s fortunate enough to work with. She firmly believes in the power of education and its ability to change people’s lives and circumstances. Her diligent efforts throughout her career have helped work towards a future where all children are able to receive a quality education.

Glenda has worked for more than 28 years in the education sector as a teacher, a vice principal, and principal. Her sound knowledge of the operational duties necessary to an educational institution has proven invaluable to everyone with whom she works. Her sphere of educational influence expands around the globe, with her having taught in Washington, California, Hawaii, and even Turkey.

Glenda Gerde: Actor & Musician

On top of being a passionate traveler and an experienced educator, Glenda Gerde is at home on the stage. An animated actor by nature, she has always felt called to perform, so perform she did.

Glenda earned her Master of Arts in Theatre from The University of New Mexico and has been acting ever since. Her acting resume includes shows like Once Upon a Wedding; Godspell; After the Fall; You Can’t Take it With You; Ten Little Indians; The Miser; You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown; Subject to Fits; Pippin; A Christmas Carol; The Pied Piper & Tales; The Gift; Old Time Radio Hour; Flashback!; and The Music Man. She’s performed in Turkey and Hawaii, as well as New Mexico, Washington, and California.

As if her experience with education, traveling, and theatre weren’t enough, Glenda Gerde is also a musician, having learned to play the guitar at just 12 years old after borrowing her brother’s guitar and teaching herself how to play. She has now played solo, with groups, and as part of a larger performance.

While I can’t claim to be any musical genius… I do believe that the ongoing life practice of playing an instrument in large part helped to support my success in school, self-confidence, feelings of my own special individuality, brain function especially for problem-solving and emotional release,  and appreciation for art and its crafting.